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Everest Base Camp Trek



Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is one of the rarest diseases on Earth. Children are born with it - only once in every 3,500 live births (mostly in boys). In the United States, with a population of over 330,000,000 people, only about 20,000 children are stricken with Duchenne. 

And there is no cure.

This is not the usual type of muscular dystrophy about which we do hear on TV telethons, etc. Most patients with muscular dystrophy manage to live until at least middle-age. And some even make it to old age.

But Duchenne muscular dystrophy is different. Without a cure, every one of these 20,000 children will die without even making it to adulthood. And their families will suffer the agony of watching them die very slowly. Because Duchenne is a progressive, muscle-wasting disease. And it shows no mercy.

By 11 or 12, these kids start losing the ability to walk. By the early teens, they’re in wheelchairs. By the mid-teens, they’re breathing on ventilators. And by the late-teens to early-twenties, they’re in graves. After suffocating. 

There is a clinical Trial for a treatment at the University of Florida that needs help with funding. Jim Rafone (Founder of JAR of Hope) recently trekked to Everest Basecamp to help raise funds for the trial.

The trip raised close to 200k but there is still along way to go. Below is a video and proposal for a NFT fundraiser. 90 % of the profits will go to Jar of Hope.


The Doc/Vlog

The NFT's

90 % of Profitis will go to JAR OF HOPE to support the clinical trials

The Editions

Everest First Light

DSC03861-Pano-Edit copy.jpg

The 1/1

Everest Dawn of Hope

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