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Canadian Rockies Ice Bubble and Winter Landscape Workshop

JANUARY 20 - 22 2024 

2 Days

Trip Details

January 20 2021 2 Days  3 Instructors 

Price: 599.00 CAD + GST PER PERSON

This photo workshop has been developed by Sarah, Pete & Jenna to take you to the absolute BEST locations to capture the world famouos ice bubbles.  January in the Rockies is the heart of winter in the Canadian Rockies. The lakes are just starting to freeze creating beautiful patterns in the ice. Three of Canada's most enthusiastic landscape photographers will guide you through the Canadian Rockies and help you reach your photography goals. Be prepared to walk away with some amazing images, a new outlook on photography and new friendships with other like-minded photographers.



Shooting locations will change depending on weather and the right conditions. Below is a list of some of the places we will be photographing. The Canadian Rockies is home to some of the BEST landscape photography locations in the entire world.

- Vermillion Lakes

-Castle Juntiion

-Lake Minnewanka

-Lake Louise

-Morants Curve 

- Natural Bridge

- Emerald Lake

- Bow Lake

- Peyto Lake

- Abraham Lake (ice Bubbles)

- Many More...


  • 3 Local experienced guides with local knowledge and 3 unique styles of photography

  • All photography instruction from Sarah, Pete & Jenna


- Travel and medical insurance

- Meals/Beverages

- Accommodations before, during and after the workshop

-National Parks Pass


Below is a list of recommendations to make your experience on the photo tour as comfortable as possible. We suggest these items below, but are not limited to them. If you are unsure about what to pack, please feel free to reach out to Jenna, Peter or Sarah at any time and we will be happy to assist you. 

- DSLR Camera or Mirrorless Camera

- Wide angle lens

- Telephoto lens

- Tripod

- Extra Batteries and Memory Cards

- Lens Cleaning Cloth

- Camera bag that is comfortable

- Lens Filters

- Warm Clothing that can be layered (down/synthetiic down layers)

-Gloves and Hat

- Micro Spikes

-Base Layers

-warm socks

- Head Lamp for night photography

- Waterproof Winter Hiking Footwear


Our base camp for the tour will be in Lake Louise, Alberta. It is easily accessible by car from Calgary and takes 2 hours of driving time. It is a beautiful drive no matter the season. Leave plenty of time to stare at the mountains!


Expect winter weather conditions ranging in temerature on average between -9 to -23 degrees Celcius.  Weather can change drastically throughout the day, therefore we always like to tell our clients to prepare for the coldest weather possible to ensure your comfort. You will need warm layers for the entire trip and waterproof shoes. It is not unusual to catch yourself caught in a snowstorm for a couple of hours in the Canadian Rockies!

* Closest airport - Calgary International Airport

meet the team

Jenna Dixon

Photographer Instructor

Jenna is a passionate landscape and adventure photographer based in the Canadian Rockies. She is fiercely dedicated to capturing remote, cold weather and mountainous regions to showcase the rawness and beauty of natures elements. With a focus in storytelling, Jenna loves to combine the written word to enhance the visual experience, bringing her viewer into the journey.

Jenna has had her work featured with Time Magazine and Nat Geo from New York to Miami and is regularly featured in local magazines across Canada. 

You can find Jenna's work with Canadian Tourism boards, including Travel Yukon and Tourism Vancouver Island, as well as a number of commercial brands and publications.

Pete Portraiit.jpg

Pete O'Hara

Photographer Instructor

Peter O'Hara is an award winning photographer and filmmaker based in the Canadian Rockies. The majority of his early creative career was spent working in the Canadian television industry, providing the fortunate opportunity at a young age to travel the world while developing his skills as a cinematographer, editor, and photographer.  

With these skills, he began working on branded projects with agencies and brands such as, Ikea, Buick and Lexus before beginning to focus his expertise in television development collaborating with companies such as Disney, HGTV, Discovery Channel and The Property Brothers. While these projects allowed for personal and professional growth, after 10 years in the industry, he was ready to take on a new challenge. 

Though he always loved his time spent abroad, it wasn't until spending two months travelling in New Zealand that he discovered his love and passion for outdoor adventure content creation. Through this realization the course of his career naturally shifted, and he began to invest more time learning how to improve his skills and the art of adventure story telling.  He is advanced drone certified through Transport Canada, and hopes to further enhance these stories by taking to the skies. 

"My goal since beginning this creative venture is to share my passion for exploration and create content that will inspire others to spend more time outdoors and appreciate nature."


Sarah Lyndsay

Photographer Instructor

Sarah Lyndsay is a landscape, portrait and wedding photographer based in the beautiful Canadian Rockies in the province of British Columbia. She is widely known for her breathtaking long-exposure photography which adds drama and an edge to the landscapes she photographs.


She also specializes in ethereal self-portrait photography, putting herself in the landscapes she photographs no matter the season or weather. Rain or shine, she will walk out in that lake in a flowing gown. Sarah has been professionally guiding and leading photo tours for over 4 years.


Her latest photography adventure has been growing a YouTube channel. You can see more of her work on Instagram.

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