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Covid Commute:

Essential Travel to the Canadian North during the Coronavirus

Project Proposal​

Short Docs Stream

By Pete O'Hara

Teaser of what has been filmed.

Follow Canadian Health Care Worker and 

Adventure Photographer Jenna Dixon as

she drives over 2000km from Canmore Alberta to Whitehorse in the Yukon for a nursing contract during Covid 19.

Total Project Length: 8 - 15 minutes

Act 1


Intro and travel to Yukon


Meet Jenna, a registered nurse and outdoor adventure photographer. Follow her as she travels 2600km from Canmore, Alberta through Northern British Columbia to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.  Community shut downs and closures to outside visitors make the remote commute a challenge and an unexpected journey full of surprises, beautiful mountain scenery and unmistakeable acts of human kindness. 

Act 2

Getting settled, self isolating and then getting to work.


Jenna arrives in Whitehorse after being stopped at the Yukon border, taking a legal oath agreeing to self isolate for a timeline of 14 days as per the Yukon Territory Public Health orders. The journey, and the anxiety that follows essential travellers in a worldwide crisis comes to a close as Jenna checks in to her hospital residence and adapts to life under quarantine. After two weeks in isolation, Jenna will begin work at the Whitehorse hospital in the operating room and explore what she can in the city for the first time since arrival, a privilege we as humans have taken for granted preceding this time in history.

Act 1 Filmed April 13 - 19 2020

Act 2  May - June 2020

Act 3 

Hopes of having a grand adventure in Kluane or Tombstone Territorial Park, holding arguably the most incredible mountain vistas in Canada.


Jenna is hopeful that restrictions will begin to lift and the National and Provincial Parks will slowly reopen.  Jenna will then set off on an adventure of a lifetime through Kluane and Tombstone Territorial Parks.  Become fully immersed in the rugged and remote landscapes of the famous Canadian North from behind the lens of an adventure photographer.  With regained access to the park systems, Jenna will reflect on what being a health care worker feels like in this time, touching on her experiences in the North. How does she feel reemerging after the crisis and being allowed to explore and photograph the wild she loves so much.  


If the restrictions do not lift as hoped, time spent in reflection will happen elsewhere and Jenna's next adventure and call to work as a traveling nurse will be revealed. 

Act 3  June 15 - 30th 2020

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Directed, filmed and edited by

Pete O'Hara:


* Jenna Dixon is filmmaker Pete O'Hara's partner, they live together. Pete travelled to the Yukon with Jenna to be with her and capture her experience during this unique time in history. 

They are both adhering to all health and safety guidelines.