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Case Studies

Return on your investment

When great content meets strong advertising strategy

Ok we have created all this amazing content, now what?

Work with us to nail your brands' first impression and get your content out there to thousands of interested viewers. 


The images and videos made for Ecuadane were used extensively for their ad campaigns. Our content was used for 3 of the most important functions when designing a profitable paid ads sales funnel: creating a cold TOF (top of funnel) campaign to attract new viewers and increase qualified website traffic, retargeting their website traffic and social media engagement with a MOF (middle of funnel) campaign, and recapturing lost purchases by using our product images in their ABC (abandon cart ads). 


Our content is still being used in their paid ad campaigns and are consistently generating new purchases every day. 


By using our custom videos in their ads, Ecuadane was able to retarget their video viewers, and create a lookalike audience of those viewers to generate purchases among a cold and warm audience. 


Overall, Ecuadane has been able to use our content to create several evergreen paid ad funnels that continue to drive traffic and convert sales for months on-end. 

​For example. When our sales partners Marketing Digital starting using the Ecuadane content they were averaging a 2 ROAS.

Since they started using our content we created for them, they are now averaging a 3.5 ROAS at the same budget. So, when they used to spend $2,000 per month on ads, it only generated $4,000 in return (a 2 ROAS). Now with the content we created for them, when they spend $2,000 on ads, it generates approximately $7,000 in sales (a 3.5 ROAS). That's the power of great content!

Case Study:

Client: Ecuadane


Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 9.41.35 AM.png


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