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Peter O'Hara


Just a guy trying to live out adventures I created in my mind as a child while flipping through National Geographic Magazines. 

The majority of my early creative career was spent working in the Canadian television industry, providing the fortunate opportunity at a young age to travel the world while developing my skills as a cinematographer, editor, and photographer.  


With these skills, I began working on branded projects with agencies and brands such as, Ikea, Buick and Lexus before beginning to focus my expertise in television development collaborating with companies such as Disney, HGTV, Discovery Channel and The Property Brothers. While these projects allowed for personal and professional growth, after 10 years in the industry, I was ready to take on a new challenge. 

Though I always loved my time spent abroad, it wasn't until spending two months travelling New Zealand that I discovered my love and passion for outdoor adventure content creation.  Through this realization the course of my career naturally shifted, and I began to invest more time learning how to improve my skills and the art of adventure story telling.  Recently, I obtained my advanced drone certification through Transport Canada, and hope to further enhance these stories by taking to the skies. 


My goal since beginning this creative venture is to share my passion for exploration and create content that will inspire others to spend more time outdoors and in nature.

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