3 Days on Maligne Lake

A fascinating place where ...


After seven days of smoked in mountains the wildfire smoke from Oregon and California cleared over Banff and Jasper and the surrounding areas. We made last minute decision to head out to Maligne Lake.

We set off planned to set off around 3 in the morning to try and catch sunrise at Spirit Island, but then decided it would be safer to leave around 530 in the morning at first light so we could see better. Although we didn't catch sunrise at the island we caught it over the mountains. It was something I certainly will remember for a long time. 

The Pine beetle came into the Rockies area in ... In the summer of 2018 I visited Spirit island ironically in the height of wildfire season. If you look closely on the photo on the left you can see it is hazy from the smoke in the background. The trees however are green. In the photo on the right you can see how the pine beetle has overtaken the pine trees. This leads to killing the tree and Parks Canada has to burn off several major dead tree areas from the pine beetles to avoid major wildfire spread. The drier summers lead to more intense fires and the pine beetles devastation leads to more dead trees which equals more risks of wildfire spread. Additionally due to our changing climate, the winters have no longer been strong enough lately to kill off the pine beetles.. It needs to be -20 for 2 weeks in order to kill off the invasive pine beetle which as introduced in ... 

 as we have seen over the years more recently in Oregon and California. The smoke from Oregon and California just cleared 

Spirit Island 2018

Spirit Island 2020




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